Deanna Devore — A Cause (2018)

Good morning!

Spring is already on the other side of my window and I love it :)
To be honest, I am listening this track on repeat for 1 hour and it’s not boring at all.
Basically, it’s pop music…but not really. I mean, not really that pop from the tv, you know. Sweet voice and vocal harmonies. Also I like how the vocal melody laying on top of the music.

Actually, if you want to understand, what I mean, just listen to it!
That’s all at this point.

Deanna Devoreelectronic / downtempo music artist from Chicago, United States.

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A Twin Thing — Misbehave (2018)

Good evening :)

Does anybody goes to club today? No?
Here is good piece of club music! So you can make your own club “with blackjack and hookers” :)
Deep house is the best choice for sunday night.

It’s not sad, it’s not fun…it’s just like the good deep house track.
Check it by yourself.


A Twin Thinghouse / techno / electronic music project from London, UK.

A Twin Thing artwork A Twin Thing on the web:

Me Not You — Chemical Cure (2018)

Good morning!

Second time this band in my blog…this music deserving your attention :)
They released EP yesterday, you can check out folliwong link:
Reckoning 2 EP

Anyway, this particular track is very good (at least for me). Hope if you click play button and listen it for 30secs, you’ll love it.

Enjoy :)

Me Not Youelectronic / dream-pop / indie music band from New York, US.

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Dan Wainwright — Pretty Girl (2018)

Before I fall to sleep I want you to listen one more song :)

This song is really pumping! Slow tempo with simple and straight drumbeat, old-school bass sound, psychedelic vocals and that beautiful guitar with reverb and delay…oh, it’s perfect mix to get good rock song.

It’s not heavy, fast, difficult for understanding or something…it’s just good.
by the way, full album will be available on the weekend for pre-order following this link.

See you :)

Dan Wainwrightrock / psychedelic rock music artist from Manchester United Kingdom.

Dan Wainwright artwork Dan Wainwright on the web:

Russian Baths — Black Cross (2018)


I think all of you sometimes feels like an alien on the street and people around you looking on you, like you’re an crazy (or you just think so).Okay, maybe it’s just my own problem :)

Anyway, when you listen to this track in your headphones, you can imagine zombies around you and machinegun in your hands…

Atmosphere a little bit reminds me Killing Joke band. I love when musicians can create right dirty sound. Overall, very good and strong song. Let’s listen it!

Russian Bathsrock / noise-rock music band from Brooklyn, United States.

Russian Baths artwork Russian Baths on the web:

Masserné — Kaskaskia (2018)

And here I am again.

As I am a little bit Dj, so I like a good electronic music.
So this is great example of what I call “good electronic music” :)

The really skilled electronic music producer can create beautiful, pumping and interesting tracks as for clubs as for home listening and they will not be boring in any way :)

This one (as for me) creates great atmosphere for work or chilling.
Don’t know, how about you, but I will take a rest for a few minutes.


Massernéhouse / deep house / electronic music artist from Missouri, United States.

Masserné artwork Masserné on the web:

Lisofv — Into The Hole (2018)

Yep, it’s me again :) I’ve got a little bit more music today than usual.

To be honest, I seldom hear the music from the Corea, but this one is very nice as for me. The whole composition built around one melody (synth marimba…or something like that). But there is enough of dynamics in the track, so you’ll not get bored until the end of the track. By the way, usually I don’t like the violins in the electronic tracks, but here it’s very organically and in the right place in the mix.

This track has some kind of magnetic field and attract the listener into it’s own world.
Less words, more music…enjoy!

Lisofvelectronic / chillout music artist from Republic of Corea.

Lisofv artwork Lisofv on the web: