Thomas Frye — Underhill (2018)

Good morning!

How far do you think this words one from another?
“progressive rock” and “hip-hop”… Not so fast. They much closer than you can imagine :)

To be honest, I was almost shocked by this track. First time, when I listened it, my my brain didn’t wanted to agree the sounds that comes thru the ears. But I catched the right vibe vary fast and then I started to truly enjoying this music.

I can compare this experience with “surprise candy” – you have no idea which taste you’ll feel, but this is the main pleasure. Anyway, this coctail from progressive rock, electronic and hip-hop definitely don’t leave you indifferent.


Thomas Fryeelectronic / hip-hop / jazz / progressive rock music artist from San Diego, US.

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Over Sands — ISTHMUS (2018)

Hello! Here I am :)

Slowly moving from start to the end of this song, listener getting a lot of shades of musical mood. Very pleasant vocals, interesting melody and a little bit weird musical composition don’t give you a chance to turn off this song.

I love music like this. Here I can relax and enjoy the deep world of music, created by musicians from the other side of the ocean of digital bytes that lined up in a thousands and thousands rows to describe the music to the machine, that recreates it from scratch everytim you click “play” button.

Enjoy this magic.

Over Sandselectronic / dream-pop/ downtempo music artist from London, UK.

Over Sands artwork Over Sands on the web:

Ayelle — Boy (prod. Mucky & J83) (2018)

Hi guys!

To be honest, my headache driving me crazy right now…but I want to leave this track here despite everything. So, here is one of the most atmospheric track that I heard recently.

Very gently voice making the listening process very pleasant (even when your head almost exploding). Minimalistic arrangement also creates it’s own mood for the song.

What can I say? Actually, nothing more :) Just listen it and enjoy!

Ayelleelectronic / future r&b / downtempo music artist from London, UK.

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A Twin Thing — Misbehave (2018)

Good evening :)

Does anybody goes to club today? No?
Here is good piece of club music! So you can make your own club “with blackjack and hookers” :)
Deep house is the best choice for sunday night.

It’s not sad, it’s not fun…it’s just like the good deep house track.
Check it by yourself.


A Twin Thinghouse / techno / electronic music project from London, UK.

A Twin Thing artwork A Twin Thing on the web:

Be Softly — My Hands End with Your Fingertips (2018)

Yep, I am here again :)

Here is one of that examples, when lo-fi sound = hi-fi result!
Very good sound! I love it! Post-apocalyptic atmosphere, good voice.

To be honest, I don’t even know, what to say about this track…
I think, that you just need to hear it with your own ears and then make your own decide, like it or not.


Be Softlypost-punk / lo-fi / experimantal / noise / spoken words music project from Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Be Softly artwork Be Softly on the web:

Me Not You — Chemical Cure (2018)

Good morning!

Second time this band in my blog…this music deserving your attention :)
They released EP yesterday, you can check out folliwong link:
Reckoning 2 EP

Anyway, this particular track is very good (at least for me). Hope if you click play button and listen it for 30secs, you’ll love it.

Enjoy :)

Me Not Youelectronic / dream-pop / indie music band from New York, US.

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 artwork Me Not You on the web:

Dan Wainwright — Pretty Girl (2018)

Before I fall to sleep I want you to listen one more song :)

This song is really pumping! Slow tempo with simple and straight drumbeat, old-school bass sound, psychedelic vocals and that beautiful guitar with reverb and delay…oh, it’s perfect mix to get good rock song.

It’s not heavy, fast, difficult for understanding or something…it’s just good.
by the way, full album will be available on the weekend for pre-order following this link.

See you :)

Dan Wainwrightrock / psychedelic rock music artist from Manchester United Kingdom.

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