sludge metal

Balymba – Balymba Slip (2017)

Hi there!

Today I want you all to listen this band from my hometown (Ivano-Frankivsk).
These guys are not just a regular musicians, but musical warriors, that preach their own religion. They are vikings and they already on the road to seize the world!

Balymbablack’n’roll / viking sludge band from Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine.

Balymba artwork Balymba on the web:

Naught — Tómhyggjublús (2014)

Ho-ho, what’s up?

I have a little present for people, who loves slow, heavy and dark music!

Naughtsludge / doom / metal band from Akureyri (Iceland).
These guys is really heavy. I like their style.

Check it out!

Naught EP 2014 Naught on the web:

Reproacher — Nothing To Save (2013)

Reproacherchaotic / hardcore / punk, sludge / metal band from Wyoming (US).

This guys really can kick your ass! Dirty sound, ultra-heavy guitars, powerful vocals and fast drums makes this album dangerous like TNT.

Would highly recommend to anyone who loves metal!

Reproacher - Nothing To Save artwork Reproacher on the web:
Official site