The Good Minus — Wonderful (2018)

Hi there.

I don’t even know, what can I say about this band and their music. But in any case I love it so much!

Very interesting musical material. The main harmony is looped, but it’s not boring…the melody is very calm and pleasant and almost hypnotic, so I can listen it over and over again.

Separately I want to mark the sound of the instruments – it’s perfect! I feel every beat of the drums, every touch of the pick and guitar string and every hit of the finger of the bassplayer. And, surely, voice with backing vocals…it’s wonderful :)

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Good Minusalternative / psychedelic / progressive rock music artist from Melbourne, Australia.

The Good Minus artwork The Good Minus on the web:

Thomas Frye — Underhill (2018)

Good morning!

How far do you think this words one from another?
“progressive rock” and “hip-hop”… Not so fast. They much closer than you can imagine :)

To be honest, I was almost shocked by this track. First time, when I listened it, my my brain didn’t wanted to agree the sounds that comes thru the ears. But I catched the right vibe vary fast and then I started to truly enjoying this music.

I can compare this experience with “surprise candy” – you have no idea which taste you’ll feel, but this is the main pleasure. Anyway, this coctail from progressive rock, electronic and hip-hop definitely don’t leave you indifferent.


Thomas Fryeelectronic / hip-hop / jazz / progressive rock music artist from San Diego, US.

Thomas Frye artwork Thomas Frye on the web:

JenHodges and Spurge – Four More Songs (2017)


Here is a coctail of the enegretic progressive rock and atmospheric post-rock.
Very interesting band. If you’re love these styles of the music, you should love it!

Enjoy :)

JenHodges and Spurgeexperimental / art rock / post-rock music band from Atlanta, US.

JenHodges and Spurge artwork JenHodges and Spurge on the web:

MAUT – Pavo Indus (2017)

Hi there!

Today my band is officially died. But we leave our music for you and here is the last music video.

MAUT is dead. it was a good times and we will keep it in our memories…

By the way, you can download this track for free on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

MAUTprogressive metal / experimental metal band from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

MAUT - Pavo Indus artwork MAUT on the web:
Official Site
CD Baby
Last FM

Atom Orr — Light In The Doorway (2016)

Hi guys!

This friday evening is perfect to listen this great album.
If you click “play” now, you will not regret, I promise :)

Enjoy the music.

Atom Orralternative rock / progressive rock music artist from San Diego, US.

Atom Orr artwork Atom Orr on the web:
Official website