okvsho — Respect Your Rainbow (2018)

Good evening.

It was hard work day (at least for me), so now I want to get some rest. And this track is perfect fit for this :)

Smooth instrumental hip-hop with jazzy mood – is perfect choice for the evening rest. Just lay down on the bed and relax. That’s all.

Hope you enjoy!

okvshohip-hop / rap / jazz-hop music artist from Zürich, Switzerland.

okvsho artwork okvsho on the web:

Bmbu — cloud city (2018)

Good morning!

It’s saturday and this means that everybody needs some relax, right?
Okay, you’re in the right way…a few more words and you will get it :)

There is not a lot of dynamics, no a lot of instruments…just a few things to keep your mood going. A little bit syncoped beat (as a classics of hip-hop), subby bass (to make sound fat), electric piano (to add chord progression) and sax (or whatever) solo, far away in the mix (to add a little bit of sadness).

This is the recipe of this good intrumental hip-hop track and your good mood.
By the way, you can listen much more on Soundcloud or Bandcamp page (links below).

Have a good weekend :)

Bmbuhip-hop / instrumental / beats music artist from Philadelphia, US.

Bmbu artwork Bmbu on the web:

michum — In Times Below (2018)

Oh…I love it so much!

Very atmospheric and psychedelic instrumental hip-hop.
If you got some troubles, so, just push “play” and you will forget about all that shit :)

Actually, if you’re not an instrumental hip-hop lover, then this is very good opportunity to fix it. Just relax :)

michuminstrumental hip-hop / beat / underground hip-hop music artist from Giessen, Germany.

michum artwork michum on the web:

Nicolas de Zorzi — Climbing (2017)

Hi people!
In this white, winter sunday noon I found something special.

This track takes my attention from start to the end and my imagination showing me strange scenes. Saxophone sounds stream from the headphones thru my ears directly into my brain and touching lazy neurons…letting them create electric impulses to show me something hidden inside of this music.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I like it.

Nicolas de Zorziinstrumental / dark jazz / downtempo / electronic / hip-hop / trip-hop music artist from Lille, France.

Nicolas de Zorzi artwork Nicolas de Zorzi on the web:

Smok-Mon — Serotonin (2018)

Deep vibe and smooth beats – this is how I feel this music.

Smok-Monbeats / electronic / instrumental music artist from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Smok-Mon artwork Smok-Mon on the web:

Nanaki — Epilogue (2018)

Hey, hey, it’s winter sunday — time to drown into sweet, white melancholy.

To be honest, I lilke that dirty and raw sound…and that programmed drums…I think, in this album everything is in the right place.

Click “play” button and go ahead :)

Nanakipost-rock / instrumental / alternative rock band from Douglas, US.

Nanaki artwork Nanaki on the web:

Kin Klavé – Dancing with Hanuman (2017)

Today i’ve got some very special music…
You need to listen it.

Kin Klavéexperimental / folktronic / electronic music artist from UK.

By the way, check out his Bandcamp and Soundcloud, there is a lot of interesting stuff.
Peace :)

Kin Klavé artwork Kin Klavé on the web: