experimental rock

Thomas Frye — Underhill (2018)

Good morning!

How far do you think this words one from another?
“progressive rock” and “hip-hop”… Not so fast. They much closer than you can imagine :)

To be honest, I was almost shocked by this track. First time, when I listened it, my my brain didn’t wanted to agree the sounds that comes thru the ears. But I catched the right vibe vary fast and then I started to truly enjoying this music.

I can compare this experience with “surprise candy” – you have no idea which taste you’ll feel, but this is the main pleasure. Anyway, this coctail from progressive rock, electronic and hip-hop definitely don’t leave you indifferent.


Thomas Fryeelectronic / hip-hop / jazz / progressive rock music artist from San Diego, US.

Thomas Frye artwork Thomas Frye on the web:

Be Softly — My Hands End with Your Fingertips (2018)

Yep, I am here again :)

Here is one of that examples, when lo-fi sound = hi-fi result!
Very good sound! I love it! Post-apocalyptic atmosphere, good voice.

To be honest, I don’t even know, what to say about this track…
I think, that you just need to hear it with your own ears and then make your own decide, like it or not.


Be Softlypost-punk / lo-fi / experimantal / noise / spoken words music project from Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Be Softly artwork Be Softly on the web:

Blackhill — Marble, Flowers And Candle Lights (2018)

Do you like to dream about dark, gray reality? So, now you can amplify power of your imagination with this song.

Good male vocal, dirty sound and atmospheric arrangement makes this track not just good…but very strong!

In some guitar parts (3:48 for example) I hear the influence of the Pink Floyd, but it’s not bad at all :)

Blackhillalternative rock / psychedelic / experimental music band from Pula, Croatia.

Blackhill artwork Blackhill on the web:

Nanaki — Epilogue (2018)

Hey, hey, it’s winter sunday — time to drown into sweet, white melancholy.

To be honest, I lilke that dirty and raw sound…and that programmed drums…I think, in this album everything is in the right place.

Click “play” button and go ahead :)

Nanakipost-rock / instrumental / alternative rock band from Douglas, US.

Nanaki artwork Nanaki on the web:

The Pink Elephants — Visions Of Troy EP (2018)

Hi everyone!
Here I am and here is one more portion of interesting music for your ears.

Enjoy ;)

The Pink Elephantspsychedelic / experimental / shoegaze music project from Ottawa, Canada.

The Pink Elephants artwork The Pink Elephants on the web:

JenHodges and Spurge – Four More Songs (2017)


Here is a coctail of the enegretic progressive rock and atmospheric post-rock.
Very interesting band. If you’re love these styles of the music, you should love it!

Enjoy :)

JenHodges and Spurgeexperimental / art rock / post-rock music band from Atlanta, US.

JenHodges and Spurge artwork JenHodges and Spurge on the web:

Glitter Veils – Gibberish Talk (Original + Cedie Janson Remix) (2017)

Here I am, guys!
As usual, with the next portion of the fresh and interesting music for your ears.

Have a nice weekend :)

Glitter Veilsalternative / experimental / rock music band from LA, US.

Glitter Veils artwork Glitter Veils on the web: